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Olya Voikin

Your Dietitian Ltd


Are you overwhelmed with conflicting nutrition and health information out there? Do you wish for better energy through the day, or for getting back to your old self again? Together we can get you feeling great again without the non-sense unsustainable dieting, guilt, bloating, and the yo-yo diet aftermath!!  My evidence - based approach will help us debunk the nonsense and understand what your body truly needs. After all, we are all so genetically diverse,  that you deserve the most individual approach to your unique diet solution. Book a free discovery call today and take your first step to your new found self!

Hi, I'm Olya Voikin RD, CBE  and welcome to YourDietitian LTD! I'm a  registered with the College of Dietitians of British Columbia and I'm a Certified Bariatric Educator with 13 years experience in helping my clients achieve their best health possible. Located in Vancouver BC, as well as virtually anywhere in Canada, providing the most up to date evidence-based nutrition therapy and seminars for my clients. I am committed to excelling with patients looking to manage their weight, deal with chronic diseases, improve digestion, and much more. I believe the key to life long health is rooted in learning the balance of enjoying life and making conscious choices. Adopting new lifestyle changes and dietary guidelines together with cognitive behavior change strategies IS THE KEY TO YOUR SUCCESS!


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